2016 Challenge

What a winning team looks like…

4 Months on from what can only be described as ‘The Apprentice on steroids’ we caught up with a few of the current champions to find out exactly how they pulled off the big win and more importantly what they got from taking part…

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Picture L-R: Ashley Stanton, Kate Lees, Louise Sharrod, Tanbir Duhra, Madeline Freewood ,Emma Balchin

Best Team – City of Wolverhampton Council

Best Team Winner

Best CEO – Michelle O’Neill – Worcester City Council


Best Communications & Media – Gloucestershire CC


Best Recovery Plan –
Telford & Wrekin Council


Best Presentation –
Rugby BC Team 2


“The event itself was brilliant.  Not only was it a fabulous opportunity for us all individually, but we all really enjoyed coming together as a team.  We are really looking forward to the follow up sessions as the chance to reflect will be invaluable as well.  It was also fabulously organised – I can’t imagine it is an easy event to organise, but it all ran incredibly smoothly”.

Purnima Sherwood,
Solihull MBC

“Its a great opportunity to put yourself to the test, and find out what you’re actually capable of in a safe environment..”

Emma Balchin
City of Wolverhampton Council

“Turn up ready for a wild rollercoaster of a day, where your brain will be stretched to it’s limits and you will need to be ready to work at a million miles an hour; but that you will leave confident in the knowledge that although you have been stretched it has been a fantastic learning experience!”

Gabrielle Whitehouse
Solihull MBC

“I would recommend the LAC to anyone who wants to learn about what it is like to be part of the senior management team of a local authority. It provides a high intensity and fast paced opportunity to appraise your future leadership potential, identifying quite clearly what you are good at and what you need to work on. Regardless, this is certainly a day that you will remember for a long time to come! A final word to anyone who wants to attend: prepare, prepare, prepare! Once the day starts in earnest there isn’t a moment to catch your breath and so preparation is essential for anyone who wants to give themselves the best chance of success on the day.”

Steven Edwards
Walsall MBC

“Truly valuable experience that was, as it says on the tin an’ LA challenge’ but more importantly it puts you in situations that you may not have been exposed to previously and you have to deal with. You learn from the experience of others whether it be your team or volunteers, learning from your mistakes along the way and forging new working relationships that in your future career you can call upon for advice and support.”

Tracy Holsey
Birmingham City Council

“It’s the most rewarding training experience I’ve ever been on for relevance and engagement, and I think I’ll be drawing parallels and tweaking my approach on a whole host of things for a long time to come off the back of this scenario..”

Matthew Austin
Bromsgrove and Redditch Council

“its an amazingly valuable opportunity (possibly of a lifetime) to give you the best insight as to how a Senior Management Team operate in a controlled and same environment.”

Warren Benson
Rugby Borough Council

“You get out of it, what you put in! Be open minded and really grasp the opportunity to network and develop skills which you might not necessarily get to use on a daily basis.”

Samantha Harman
Sandwell Council

“It’s insane and intense but greatly rewarding. You gain a real sense or accomplishment at the end and build really strong connections within your team that you would not otherwise gain.”

Michelle O’Neill
Worcester City Council

“Strap yourself in for one of the most intense and enjoyable days you will experience on work time! A non-stop day testing you to the limits of your understanding of local government and how to manage yourself, your colleagues and your stakeholders!”

John James
Gloucestershire County Council

“An adrenaline fuelled day, with lots of twists and turns. An exciting way to explore inner strengths and weaknesses in a safe environment. I would recommend the challenge to anyone who wants to push themselves and see how they manage out of their comfort zone. I would do it again in a heartbeat, given the opportunity as there was so much to learn from the experience.”

Erica Danis
Rugby Borough Council