2016 Teams

The region has responded to the challenge! Check out the competition

1. Wyre Forest DC

First up to secure their spot! Could this be an omen?

Meet the Team

Steve Brant – Operational Services Manager
Paul Allen – Countryside & Conservation Officer
Richard Osborne – Principal Environmental Health Officer (Housing & Water Management)
Kathryn Washington – Community Safety & Partnerships Officer
Adam Stockhall – Place Co-Ordinator
Mark Smith – Senior Community & Environmental Protection Officer


2 and 3. Rugby BC

Going for the double. Will they tag team the competition?

Team 2

Chloe Britton – Housing & Community development – Project Assistant
Warren  Benson – Arboriculture Officer
Jenny Swallow – Support Services Coach
Michael Beirne – Economic Investment officer
Kevin Brookes –  Positive Futures Co-ordinator
Erica Danis – Voids & Lettings Officer

Team 3

Owain Williams – Senior Planning officer
Andrew Odom – Housing Options Supervisor
Gavin Smith – Environmental Health Officer
Clare Morgan – Human Resources Officer
Tom Kittendorf – Sports Development Officer
Carrie Maskell – Benefits Technical Officer


4. Wychavon & Malvern Hills DC

Joining forces. Will a collaborative approach bring shared success?

Meet the Team

Alison Williams – Financial Services Manager
James Hodgkins – Planning Officer
Ian Dipple – Joint Marketing and Communications Manager
Amanda Smith – Community Services Manager
Simon Smith – Economic Development Manager
Vickie Lee – Human Resources Manager


5. Birmingham City Council

Representing the 2nd city – but can they bring home the medals?

Deborah Harries – Head of Public Affairs
Stephen Arnold  – Head of Marketing
Tracy Holsey  – Head of Income Collection
Liz Parkes – Community Librian
Paul Hallam – Group Manager – Complex North – Adult Care
Natalie Mcfall – Team Manager – City/ MHH/WHH


6. Sandwell MBC

Have thrown down the gauntlet and aiming for top marks. Will that Black Country spirit prevail?

Meet the Team

Rob Woodall – Senior Accountant
Mary Bailey – Alcohol Project Manager
Nicky Arnold – Area Manager
Chris Jones – Interim Service Manager (Sports, Leisure & Physical Activity)
Paul Mountford – Business Engagement Officer
Samantha Harman – Play Strategy Manager


7. Telford & Wrekin Council

Will they bring their iron and ‘wrek’ havoc on the opposition?

Meet the Team

Dominic Proud – Service Delivery Manager
Louise Stanway – Project Officer
Rana Singh – ICT Team Leader
Ed Rushton – Accountancy Team Leader
Toni Guest – Service Delivery Manager, Housing & Commercial Services
Stacey Norwood – Public Health Commissioner


8. Warwick DC

Will they mount a defense and be crowned King (or Khalesi’s) of the Castle?

Meet the Team

David Guilding – Theatre and Town Hall Manager, Royal Spa Centre
Graham Leach – Democratic Service Manager and Deputy Monitoring Officer
Andrea Wyatt – Benefits And Fraud Manager, Benefits
Russell Marsden – Building Surveying & Construction Manager, Asset Management
Sam Collins – Interim Environmental Sustainability Team Leader
Calum Arthur – Technical Officer, Safer Communities


9. Worcester City Council

They’ve got the sauce to enter but will they spice up the competition?

Meet the Team

Michelle O’Neill – OD Team Leader
Gemma Malhi- Transformation Manager
Rhizina Shearer – Community Partnership Officer
Madeline Ajetunmobi – Housing Service Improvement Officer
Maria Dunn – Planning and Policy Team Leader
Sheena Payne-Lunn – Historical Environment Rec Officer


10. Warwickshire County Council Team 1

Will they set the competition on fire and bowl over their competitors?

Meet the Team

Emma Andrews – Arts & Culture Development Manager
Tony Begley – Operations Manager
Alison Williams – Business Redesign & Collaboration Manager
Marina Kitchen – CAF Operations Manager
Katie Brown – HR Manager (Fire and Rescue Service)
Michaela Meeraus – Solicitor
11. Solihull MBC

Will the old Silhillian’s tackle the other teams and gain the advantage?

Meet the Team

Roger Cately – Business Improvement Lead
Tracey Denny – Team Manager – Adult Social Care
Pali Obhi – Team Manager – Youth Offending Team
Purnima Sherwood – Finance Manager, Adult Social Care and Support
David Turton – Neighbourhood Activity Manager
Gabrielle Whitehouse – Regulatory Services Operations Manager


12. Gloucestershire CC

Blazing across the border to try and steal the prize! Will they take the trophy off region?

Meet the Team

Jenny Grodzicka – Information Management Service Manager
Charlotte Davis – Customer Programme Project Officer
John James – Manager, Data & Performance Team
Tanya Davies – Project Team Manager
Jen Dorman – Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Philip Williams – Lead Commissioner Community Infrastructure


13. Nuneaton and Bedworth BC

13 may be unlucky for some but this team are not gonna let superstition stand in their way!

Meet the Team

 Liam Loftus – Procurement Officer
Graham Thomas – Environmental Officer
Nicola Topping – Housing Manager
Mat Byrne – Housing Manager
Karen Rosten – Housing Officer
Chris Lawes – Planning Officer


14. Tamworth BC

Will they flow through the competition and ‘Tame’ the other teams?

Meet the Team

Deborah Casey – Housing Conditions and Supply Manager
Claire Keeling – Housing Solutions Manager
Sushil Birdi – Senior Planning & Delivery Officer
Andrew Collinson – Senior Planning Officer
Matthew Fletcher – Senior Economic Development & Regeneration Officer
Stephen Pointon – Head of Strategic Planning


15. City of Wolverhampton Council

Have wandered into the frey. Will they reign supreme?

Meet the Team

Ashley Stanton – Business Change Officer
Emma Balchin – School Workforce Manager
Tanbir Duhra – Information and Business Manager
Madaleine Freewood – Political Assistant
Louise Sharrod – Children and Young People Health Improvement Manager
Kate Lees – Strengthening Families Partnership Manager


16. Warwickshire County Council Team 2

Meet the Team

Kevin Painting – Specialist Transport Manager
Stacy O’Connor – Investment Officer
Garry Palmer – Team Leader Parking Management
Emily Fernandez – Commissioning & Performance Lead-Wider Determinants
Nicola Small – Principal Transport Planner
Victoria Geffert – Senior Transport Planner


17. Worcestershire County Council

Meet the Team

Hannah Needham – Strategic Commissioner
Jake Shaw – Assistant Director Provider Services
Luke Willetts – Delivery Lead
Neill Crump – Head of Technology Development and Customer Services
Steve Brotherton – Provider Services Manager
Jenni Morris – Finance Manager


18. Walsall MBC Team 1

Meet the Team

Janice Rowley – Business Support Manager (Public Health)
Michael Folkard – Invest Black Country Team Leader
Stephen Johnson – Service Manager Strategy, (Clean and Green)
Shawn Fleet – Group Manager Planning (Development Management)
Helen Kindon – Team Leader Walsall Town & District Centres Management)
Denise Gold – Central Library & South Area Operations Manager


19. Walsall MBC Team 2

Meet the Team

Steven Edwards – Principal Transport Planner
Ian Lister – Commercial Manager
Seona Baker – Safeguarding Coordinator – Education and Early Years
Lesley Molloy – HR Manager – Operations
Deb Phythian – Senior HR Business Partner
Ian Sutheran – Transactional Manager


20. Bromsgrove and Redditch Council

Meet the Team

Derek Allen – Strategic Housing Manager
Karen Jones
Lynn Jones
Helen Mole – Transformation Manager
Matt Austin – Environmental Service Team Leader
Becky Dunne


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