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A New Direction

Hello, my name is Paul Tolley and I have the privilege of being the Chief Executive Officer at New Directions, a local charity based in Rugby, Warwickshire which supports over 100 vulnerable people on a daily basis to live as independently as possible. I took over the...

The Big Scenario

Let me set a scene. Imagine a random town hall in a random town somewhere on a random day. Within that town hall is a random 30 something council officer, freshly promoted into a senior manager role. He was promoted (and rightly so) because of his experience to date,...

Get Involved!

WME is asking CEO’s and Senior Managers to invest in their local talent; selecting their brightest talent to form their team and take on the West Midlands Challenge. You can also get involved by taking up one of many volunteer roles required to support the delivery and challenge participants throughout this high energy and intensive event.