West Midlands Challenge – What’s it all about?


Linfolk ImageThe West Midlands Challenge is a learning and development opportunity, it will offer you, as an aspiring or new manager within the Public Sector, a rare opportunity to gain exposure to the issues outside of your normal working life and to give you a taste of what senior management is like.

The challenge is open to teams of up to six people from any area of Public Sector work. You will spend the day as the management team of one of four Public Sector Organisations that make up the fictional Isle of Linfolk. All four Organisations are failing (or have failed), the previous senior management team have all resigned, and you are one of their replacements!

Throughout the day you will encounter many of the tasks that a real senior management team would deal with. You will have to work as a team, with neighbouring councils and with partner organisations to deliver a new strategy for the Organisation. You will need to deal with the Council leader, the media and a wide range of other interested parties, including local business men and members of the public.

Ultimately, you will have to choose which areas to prioritise, decide how to deal with politically sensitive issues and still keep your focus on how to give the public the best services with limited resources.

So Why Should You Take Part?

Your workforce needs to be flexible enough to continually adapt to whatever the future brings. Preparing them to thrive in such climates will involve retraining and re-focusing them to succeed.

  • Gain an understanding of issues beyond your normal role and see the bigger picture of how local authorities operate.
  • Develop the skills needed to deliver more for less in a tighter fiscal climate.
  • The chance to test and hone many skills including interpersonal, communication and time management skills.
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses, and how to develop them, in a safe environment.
  • Use the days experience as an opportunity to help progress to the next level career-wise.
  • An opportunity to be part of an extraordinary (and highly enjoyable) event.
  • To work with a wide range of colleagues from across the region.

Important Outcomes From The Challenge:

  • You will gain a practical insight into how a Public Sector management team works.
  • You will work with colleagues from across the organisation to improve joint working on return to the office.
  • You will have the chance to think about your own councils transformational agenda and develop innovative ideas to take back to your organisation.
  • You will develop ways of managing the current financial constraints.
  • You will engage in partnership working and political communication and thus gain a better understanding of the benefits this can bring.

Practical Arrangements:

The dress code for the whole day is normal business attire.

The day starts with tea and coffee from 8:45am with the event proper starting at 9:30am. Lunch will be provided with tea and coffee ‘on tap’ throughout the day. Please note that there will not be any formal breaks– it is up to you as a team to manage this aspect of your lives!

The challenge itself will end at 5pm. Then, there will a full ‘silver service’ followed by the awards ceremony resulting in a 9pm finish.

All times are approximate and subject to change – exact details will be provided in your Joining Instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Visit our website http://localauthoritychallenge.com/faq.html where the most frequently asked questions are answered. 

Need More Information?

Visit: www.localauthoritychallenge.com

For general information regarding the Challenge, or to discuss running an ‘in-house’ challenge then please contact Breckland Training Services on either 01362 656282 or info@breckland-training.co.uk

For more detailed information on your local regional event, please contact West Midlands Employers, you can contact us either via email or by telephone.

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